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A luxurious body polish with Himalayan rock salt for body, hands and feet. The skin nurturing exfoliator includes organic shea butter, organic coconut oil and Finnish bilberry. Besides being the exfoliating ingredient, Himalayan rock salt is rich in minerals and has skin moisturizing and cleansing properties. Amethyst Body Polish removes dead skin cells from the skin surface and leaves the skin feeling silky smooth and moisturized. The product leaves a beautiful shimmer on the skin.

Amethyst Body Polish combines skincare with aromatherapy and crystal healing to balance and nourish body, mind and spirit. The aroma therapeutic blend of luxurious anti-stress essential oils of neroli, sandalwood, vanilla and a hint of strawberry promotes sleep and soothes the mind. This is a powerful, magical, protective and energetic product that heals on all levels.

Amethyst is rich in healing minerals and is a great aid for balancing skin functions and skin problems. It is known as a crown chakra strengthening and stress-relieving crystal, that also promotes good night sleep and tranquility.

Did you know?

Amethyst is a powerful and purifying crystal with mind clarifying and sleep-enhancing properties. The name comes from the Greek words a- (no) and methustos (poisoning). Amethyst brings hope and optimism to its keeper. In skincare products, amethyst clears the skin from pollution and impurities, acts as an exfoliating agent and gives the skin a youthful glow.

  • 200ml
  • Vegan
  • Plastic-free packaging


The product is packed in a recyclable glass jar with recyclable aluminum lid. The outer package is recyclable cardboard.

These beautiful, high-quality glass jars can be reused e.g. for candle casting, storing small items or as a candle holder.

Amethyst powder in this product is Ecocert and COSMOS approved and certified free from child labour and forced labour. Amethyst originates from Brazil.

Caution! Do not get water in the jar. The product can make the shower floor tiles slippery.

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