Natural Hand Woven Yoga Mat - 2 - NaMATste

Yoga is a magical world of serenity, peace, and harmony. We align ourselves with the vibrations of the universe. We become one with Nature.

Our natural Handwoven yoga mats are perfect companions for your journey. You are about to take your practice to an entirely new sustainable level. Plastic- and pesticide-free, the biodegradable mat is just what every yogi needs.

Treat yourself with this artisanal product, supporting artists in Tamil Nadu, India. These beautiful mats are handcrafted by a traditional weaver, using only organic fibres as a base - cotton and jute. These beautiful plants are paired with ayurvedic herbs to give unique colors and make your experience even more holistic. Some of the ingredients include pomegranate, red sandal, sappan wood, aloe vera, tulsi, indigo, and wild turmeric. Hand dying with natural colors happens in the same atelier, under the control of experienced masters and their apprentices. Each mat is a unique product, as the combination of colors may differ.

The bottom of a yoga mat is additionally covered with natural rubber, promoting firm grip to the floor or other surfaces, preventing any inconvenience during the most intensive practice.

Each mat comes with a complimentary organic cotton bag, as a thank you gift for supporting small businesses in rural areas of southern India.

Artisanal yoga mat for everyone:

  • handwoven in Tamil Nadu, India
  • 100% plant-based, vegan
  • naturally dyed, with ayurvedic herbs
  • biodegradable
  • 80% organic cotton 20% organic jute
  • integrated grip on the surface
  • the anti-slip natural rubber layer
  • 200 cm x 75 cm (may vary, as it's an artisanal product)
  • complimentary organic cotton carry bag

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