Good for the Earth

We’re dedicated to connecting shoppers with mindful purchasing-
encouraging sustainable living; being one with the Earth.

our promise to you

maya eco

Co-founded by two women, Yasmine and Muneera, who decided to combine their entrepreneurial and philanthropy background together. Maya Eco was established in 2016 with the goal of bringing sustainable designs that are made from eco-friendly textiles and that supports a local skilled community. Maya Eco aims to bring you functional, versatile and practical pieces that can be worn in your daily journey, whether that is lounging at home or when you are running errands.

When the world spins, slowly dance in Silence.

Clothes are part of our everyday life; having power and empowering. We choose how conscious we want to be. It is a circle, many chains of events leading us towards better choices.

timeless luxury footwear

RAMLA’s elegant, timeless styles for women of all ages are crafted with attention to detail and focus on the feeling of confidence and uniqueness.

moo hair

Moo & Yoo is a family run, ethical company based in Scotland. They create luxury, vegan, high quality beauty products that are sustainable, kind to your body, the environment and the planet.

la terre leisurewear

Our core message is “Good for the earth”, which leads on to ask the questions, “Is it good for others?” and “Is it good for me?” Change starts with us, and at La Terre Luxury, we aim to inspire mindfulness in living.

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